Anna Lee Espinosa Bard

screenshot of Kenyan HIV Infection by Gender map

Kenyan HIV Infection and Gender

This map visualizes HIV occurrence by gender and health spending per capita by Kenyan county. Circles represent the percentage of population with HIV. The choropleth map layer visualizes each county's health spending per capita.

Language and Autism

Language and Autism

This map explores the language environment of young child with autism. Each proportional circle represents a number of vocalizations by either child or adult per minute. The blue circles cluster individual vocalizations and display the total number of vocalizations. Upon hover the blue cluster markers display a polygon showing the coverage of the clusterd vocalizations. Adult vocalizations in the community environment are crucial to social development for young children with Autism. The data used to power this map was a produce of a research effort at the University of Kentucky. This map was created to offer the researchers a way to explore the data they are generating in a flexible web environment.

All Tweets Kentucky

All Tweets Kentucky!

This map uses geocoded tweets to visualize location of Kentucky related social media activity.

The user may select from three geometry layers to visualize data aggragated by states, counties, or hexbins. An information box appears in the bottom left corner of map when the user mouses over the map. The info panel displays the number of tweets per geometry and updates as the user mouses over a different area. Each hexbin, state, or county will display information in a popup when clicked. The pop up includes the county or state name and the number of kentucky related tweets from the area. The drop down menu in the bottom right corner allows the user to select the topic of tweets being visualized.

KY unemployment map

Kentucky Unemployment Rates: 2000 – 2013

This choropleth map shows unemployment rates in the Commonwealth of Kentucky by county for years ranging 2000 to 2013.

Click and drag time slider to select unemployment rates from the range of years. Click on a county to display county name and unemployment rate for selected year. Hover over a Kentucky county to display infobox containing unemployment rates of selcected count from 2000 to 2013.

US Power Plants

United States Power Plant Production and Fuel Sources

This thematic proportional symobl map shows power plants across the United States.

Generation of energy in the US symbolized with proprotional circles. Circles are sized with respect to each plant's annual net generation of power. Hydropower generation symbolized with blue circles. Wind power symbolized with red circles. Coal power generation symbolized with yellow circles. Natural gas symbolized with green circles. User may toggle on or off any of the fuel source layers. Clicking on the map eliminates all power plants that are more than 500km from the click point. Double clicking on the map eliminates all power plants that are more than 200km from the click point. User may click on the circles to view additional information about the individual power plant.

United States Brewery Density Map

Brewery Density across North America

This map was developed using QGIS employing points in polygon analysis to aggregate the number of breweries to 45km diameter hexagons. Seattle Washington is highlighted as it home to one of the top 5 areas with the greatest brewery density.

Aging Population of Kentucky

Aging Population by Kentucky Census Tract

According to the Administration for Community Living there will 98 million older persons living in the US in 2060, twice the number of 2013. This map identifies the concentrations of older populations in Kentucky and access to major hospitals. Knowing where older people live helps us plan for resource development and increased support as the the aging in place population grows.